Hire Me

I am currently unavailable for Session Work.




Session Drums

Send me your songs and I will track drums in my basement studio.
You will get pre-mixed high quality WAV files. No compression or EQ.
$40 per minute of drumming (e.g. $120 for a 3-min song)

Session Guitar/Bass

Same rate as drums.

Additional Drum Mixing

I will mix the drums even further (or mix your pre-recorded drums) by adding multiple instances of compression and EQ.
This will add “fat beef” to the drums.


Send me your pre-recorded tracks and I give it my best mix. This includes mastering too.
Price will vary on several things including drum sampling, guitar re-amping, editing/quantizing, MIDI, how many tracks etc.
$40-160 per song


This is the icing on the cake of your overall final mix.
Adding more compression, final EQ adjustments, widening the stereo field, and a nice volume boost.
$40 per song

MIDI Programming

Anywhere from editing to mixing to writing. (Drums or Keyboards/Synth)
I can take your drum MIDI and run it through Toontrack high quality samples. No additional editing or processing – $25 per song
Have no knowledge of drums? I can write your drum parts for you – $30 per minute of drumming.

Music Lessons

Via Skype, I can help critique your playing/technique, give personalized tips to get your chops up, and provide you with some useful theory.
Or you can just ask me a million questions.
$25 for a 30-minute session, or $45/hr

Ohhh Yurrrrrr!