Hire Me

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2021: I am currently unavailable for Session Work or Skype lessons.

If you want to hire me, email me sooner than later, as the waiting list is getting very long.

Rush pricing may or may not be available. All prices in USD, + 5% GST.

Session Drums

Send me your songs and I will track drums in my basement studio.
You will get pre-mixed high quality WAV files. No compression or EQ.
$50 per minute of drumming (e.g. $150 for a 3-min song)

“Incredibly precise and controlled speed metal drumming of the likes of which I’ve never experienced.” – Devin Townsend

“Having Samus play drums on my album completely took the project to another level musically. The tracks I received were some of the best drumming I’ve ever heard and he really took the time to understand the songs and add things I didn’t even know the songs needed. He is without a doubt the best drummer I’ve ever worked with and a true professional!” – Andy Gillion of Mors Principium Est.

“It’s the kind of drum performance that stands out because it seems so well-attuned to what the songs need, never feeling the compulsion to hoard all the attention for itself, but still vital to what’s happening in the surrounding music.” – No Clean Singing

Session Guitar/Bass

Same rate as drums.

Additional Drum Mixing

I will mix the drums even further (or mix your pre-recorded drums) by adding multiple instances of compression and EQ.
This will add “fat beef” to the drums.


Send me your pre-recorded tracks and I give it my best mix. This includes mastering too.
Price will vary on several things including drum sampling, guitar re-amping, editing/quantizing, MIDI, how many tracks etc.
$40-160 per song


This is the icing on the cake of your overall final mix.
Adding more compression, final EQ adjustments, widening the stereo field, and a nice volume boost.
$40 per song

MIDI Programming

Anywhere from editing to mixing to writing. (Drums or Keyboards/Synth)
I can take your drum MIDI and run it through Toontrack high quality samples. No additional editing or processing – $25 per song
Have no knowledge of drums? I can write your drum parts for you – $30 per minute of drumming.

Music Lessons

Via Skype, I can help critique your playing/technique, give personalized tips to get your chops up, and provide you with some useful theory.
Or you can just ask me a million questions.
$44 for a 30-minute session, or $77/hr


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