Samus Paulicelli (born September 14, 1987 Ridgewood, New Jersey) is a multi-instrumentalist who has toured and recorded with many national acts including Decrepit Birth, Devin Townsend, Goatwhore, and Abigail Williams. Samus also played in various local New Jersey/New York bands during his early career including Mutiny Within, Suspyre, and Dark Empire. Despite being a talented one-man band in his solo project “66Samus”, he is best known for his technical drumming work, specializing in blast beats and double bass drumming.

Samus began his musical endeavors at the early age of 2 when his parents noticed him playing drum beats on his diaper, so they started setting up the old pots and pans for him. A year later they purchased him a junior drum kit. He began drum lessons a few years later once he was old enough for someone to want to teach him, and that’s when it all started. Once Samus reached the age of 14 he had developed a keen interest in double bass drumming and realized that he had learned all he could from his local teacher, so he quit taking lessons and bought Mike Porntoy’s Liquid Drum Theater VHS tape. He has been teaching himself ever since. At the age of 15, Samus picked up his grandfather’s old acoustic guitar and started to learn “Sweet Home Alabama” and then “Welcome Home Sanitarium.” He then continued teaching himself guitar and bass, learning cover songs by ear.

Samus currently resides in Winnipeg where he shoots YouTube videos, performs live streams and records session work in his home studio.